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Writing for Healthcare Professionals: Grammar & Writing

Understanding Call Numbers

Books in the library are organized by call number. A call number indicates the spot of each book on the shelf. The call number also indicates the subject of the book. For example, all scientific books on medicine will be in the 600s. To learn which numbers match with each subject area, click here.

The library catalog includes the call number for each book. An example of a call number is:

616.053 R223 2018

This book will be located in the 600s section of the stacks in numerical order. Locate this book by moving numerically and alphabetically from left to right. There may not be a book cataloged for every number and letter, but they will still be in numerical and alphabetical order.

First, the hundreds:




Then the decimal:




Then the letter:

616.053 Q

616.053 R

616.053 T

Then the final decimal:

616.053 R222

616.053 R223

616.053 R224

Finally, the year, if present:

616.053 R223

616.053 R223 2018

616.053 R223 2020

Getting Started


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