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Writing for Healthcare Professionals: Finding Sources

Health Databases

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Systematic Reviews & Meta Analysis

What are Systematic Reviews & Meta Analyses?

Systematic Review
"A systematic review attempts to identify, appraise and synthesize all the empirical evidence that meets pre-specified eligibility criteria to answer a given research question"  (The Cochrane Library)

Meta Analysis
Meta analysis is "a statistical synthesis of the numerical results of several trials which all address the same question" (Greenhalgh, 2010, p.121).

Where do I find Systematic Reviews & Meta Analyses?

The Cochrane Library and JBI - Ovid are primary resources for finding meta analysis and systematic reviews.  However they can also be found in PubMed and Health - EBSCO databases.

Literature Reviews

Using MeSH & CINAHL Terms

So what are these MeSH/CINAHL terms???

Learn how using MeSH terms will make your search more efficient & effective:

Search for Books in Alvernia's Library

Search for eBooks

Google Book Search

Activity: Practice Searching

Topic:  What are the attitudes of nurses about lifelong learning?

Database:  EBSCO Health

  • Identify the key concepts of the research question
  • Brainstorm additional terms
  • Search within EBSCO's Health database, using Boolean Operators & applying limits
  • Review with class