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Google: Google Web Search

Tips & Tricks to a Great Google Search

Limit your search to a specific site:

  • Use site: (site with a colon) before the domain or website you wish to limit the search to
  • Examples:
    • -- limit your search results to a specific domain like government websites (.gov)
    • -- limit your search to a specific website like Alvernia's (

Search for synonyms or related words:

  • Use a ~ (tilde) before a term to search for any related words
  • Example
    • ~college -- will search for related words like higher education, university, institute, etc.

Search for an exact phrase:

  • Use quotation marks around multiple words to search for an exact phrase
  • Examples:
    • "gun control"
    • to be or not to be

Exclude a term from your search:

  • Use the (minus sign) before a word to exclude it from your results
  • Example:
    • – depression – when added to a search this would eliminate results that mention depression
    • social work –abuse –will search for social work but will eliminate any results that discuss abuse

Search within a date range:

  • Use .. (two periods) to search for results within a specific time period
  • Example:
    • 2008..2013 – returns results from within the 2008 to 2013 date range

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How Google Search Works

Google Search

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