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Copyright, Fair Use & File Sharing: Introduction   

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Franco Library Copyright LibGuide!  Understanding and complying with copyright law can be challenging and sometimes confusing.  The purpose of this guide is to provide copyright information and resources for Alvernia University students, faculty,  and staff.  The Copyright LibGuide offers web links, library and external resources, and analysis tools.  With the help of this guide, we hope that you will explore copyright and find answers to your questions. 

Copyright, Fair Use, & File Sharing

Among the stated objectives of Alvernia University is the preparation of its students for social responsibility and moral integrity.  One area in which society has been challenging these values is that of file sharing on the Internet.

Recent developments regarding the issue of file sharing on the Internet, including lawsuits directed toward college students by the Recording Industry Association of America, are forcing university administrations to take a more active role.

This includes educating the university community on the legal issues involved, controlling the opportunities for copyright violation (including illegal file sharing), and responding to discipline individuals discovered to be in violation of the law.

To this end, Alvernia University has set up this Web site to publicize its policies and provide informational and educational links to other web sites of value.


This LibGuide was created by Alvernia University’s Dr. Frank A. Franco Library Learning Center staff. The purpose of this LibGuide is not intended to provide legal advice.

A Fair(y) Use Tale