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Franciscan Studies: Books & Other Sources

Things to Consider when Evaluating Books

Date of publication & currency

  • Would your research benefit from a historical perspective?
  • Is this resource current enough for your topic?

Author(s) or Editor(s)

  • What are the author's credentials?  Are they a scholar in the field?


  • Is this publisher trustworthy?  Is it a scholarly resource?  Examples would be university presses, professional organizations, and government organizations.

Book Reviews

  • Are there any book reviews of the title?  What do they say about the quality of the content?

Evaluating Books

Things to Consider when Evaluating Multimedia Resources


  • Why is this resource being created?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Is there any bias?


  • Who developed this resource?  Why?
  • Do they have an agenda?

Evaluating Multimedia Resources

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