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Nursing Informatics: Ethical, Social, and Legal Implications (ESLI) of Human Genome Project Research Guide


Ethical, Social, and Legal Implications (ESLI) of Human Genome Project Research Guide


Remember that ESLI can be broken down into ethical, legal, and social implications, so you may not find that searching for the acronym alone yields the best or most results. Your research may require you to focus on just one aspect of ESLI, in which case you will also want to think of similar terms to employ in keyword searches. Many words, of course, can be used to describe ethics-related issues. For an detailed overview of the ESLI project, read The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Program of the National Human Genome Research Institute: Reflections on an Ongoing Experiment by McEwan et al.
Search Databases
Improve your results by searching Health—EBSCO or PubMed with Subject Terms. Additionally, you can search the database Subjects List (sometimes called a Thesaurus) for Subject Terms to focus your results. Always remember to set the dropdown field to Subject Terms when searching by subject. Subject Terms relevant to this assignment might include:
  • gene therapy
  • genomes
  • genomics 
  • genome, human
  • human chromosomes
  • human genome project
You might combine such strictly genetic subjects with those relating to ESLI, such as:
  • ethics
  • ethics, medical
  • legal procedure
  • liability, legal
  • social responsibility
  • social values
Just as you do with keywords, you can build more complex searches by combining Subject Terms with AND, OR, and NOT. You might try searches like the following:



Online Resources

A Brief Guide to Genomics (NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute)

Ethical Issues in Human Genetics and Genomics (Centre for Genetics Education Fact Sheet)

Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research Program (NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute)

Useful online resources on ELSI of human genomics (WHO)

What were some of the ethical, legal, and social implications addressed by the Human Genome Project? (NLM)



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