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ENG 216: Women in Literature: Finding Sources

Prof. Rachael Zeleny's ENG 216 course

Terms to Consider

When searching in the databases here are some useful terms to consider in addition to the author's name or title of the text:

  • feminism
  • feminist
  • women
  • gender
  • analysis
  • criticism
  • review
  • interpretation
  • commentary

Example searches:


Finding Books - Useful Subject Terms

Alvernia Catalog Quick Search

Finding & Citing Images

It is possible to discover images through library databases for your project.  This is preferential to a web search.  

However, when searching for images using Google (or any other search engine), always be sure to click through to the original website. Cite the original website NOT Google. It is important to ask yourself if this is a re-post or if it looks like the rights holder posted the photo.

How to Request a Book

Can't find the book you need?  There are several options for requesting an item.

  1. Use our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to request a book.  Before requesting a book, check the Library Catalog to make sure the library does not have a print or electronic copy of the title.
  2. Use WorldCat to find books located in other libraries.  Click on the book title of interest and use the Borrow this item from another library (Interlibrary Loan) link to request a book.  Your Patron ID is your 9 digit Alvernia student number.
  3. Search Google Books and use the Find in a library link to request a book.  Use your 9 digit Alvernia student number.

Need help?  Ask a Librarian!

How to Request an Article

Can't find the full text of an article you need?  

Use our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to request materials.  Before requesting an article, check the Journal Finder search to make sure the library does not own or have electronic access to the journal you need.  Simply type in the journal title and search!

Need help?  Ask a Librarian!