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Healthcare Science: Steps

Research Steps

Use the sub-tabs of the Steps tab to access:

  1. Pre Search Steps
  2. Focus Your Search
  3. Evaluating Sources
  4. Managing Search Results



Resources on the Research Process and Evidence-Based Practice

Essential Elements of Evidence-Based Practice – An Introduction to EBP and ACE Star Model
A tutorial on evidence-based practice by K. R. Stevens at the the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses
A tutorial illustrating the EBP process by the Penn State University Libraries

Clinical Evidence  Glossary
Descriptions of terms used about evidence-based medicine by BMJ (British Medical Journal)

Protecting Human Research Participants
This tutorial from the  National Institute of Health addresses the obligations to protect the rights and welfare of subjects in research.

Research Methods Tutorial
The Methods Map by Sage is a visual search tool supported by a unique, complex taxonomy of research methods terms, methodologies, and people in the field.