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A Content Guide: Focus Your Search

This is the content guide, do NOT publish. Here is where we will pull informational boxes from.

Clustered Results

EBSCO groups articles by the subjects assigned to articles. You can select the most relevant articles by clicking on the Subject link in the left column, and checking the box or boxes with the terms of interest.



For additional guidance in using the clustered subject terms, see Clustered Results in the EBSCO Help file. 

Subject Terms

All journal articles are assigned subject terms which indicate what the article is about.  You can view the subjects assigned a specific article by clicking on the article title in the results list.

The most common subjects in the article retrieved in your search are listed in the left column of your results page.  Each database has its own list of terms that are used as subjects.  Since you are searching several EBSCO databases, you will see more than one cluster of subjects.

Most searches retrieve more articles than are useful.  Some of the articles may be out of scope. You can narrow your search results to articles assigned a specific subject by clicking on the subject terms of relevance in the subject clusters.