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NUR 303: Preparation for Professional Writing

For online NUR 303 sections.

Lesson: Choosing a Topic & Creating a Research Question

In this lesson you will learn tips on how to choose a topic and how to develop a clinical question.  You will:

  1. Watch the "Choosing a Topic" video.
  2. Read through the tips and examples on "Developing your Clinical Question".
  3. Complete at least one of the two linked activities on formulating PICO questions. 

Choosing a Topic

Developing your Clinical Question

Try asking yourself these questions to help develop a clinical question:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • Why?


Topic:  Obesity

Who? teenagers

What? consumption of high fat foods

Where? school cafeterias

Question:  How does the consumption of high fat foods in school cafeterias contribute to teenager obesity?

Topic: Smoke Exposure

Who?  children exposed to smoke

What?  developmental abilities

Question:  How does smoke exposure alter the developmental abilities of children?

ACTIVITY: How to Formulate an Answerable Clinical Question

P opulation/patients

I ntervention/indicator

C omparator/control

O utcome

Complete one of the following activities: